Vision & Mission


  • Nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and educational process in meeting the health needs of the individual, family and community.
  • Nursing Education takes place through a planned teaching learning process and this education prepares the student for professional practice and leadership
  • The learning environment should enable the student to acquire enquiry driven self-directed learning and foster an attitude of lifelong learning.
  • Professional nurses contribute to the nursing research, work toward continued improvement & growth of nursing.

To influence health at local and regional level by imparting evidence and best practice personnel.


To be a leading institute in generating compassionate and quality care provider, focusing on the needs of patients and their families.


  • To develop a diverse, collaborative, intellectual community.
  • To prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance local and global health.
  • To develop innovative educational models to accelerate the development of highly competent clinicians and scholars.
  • To generate knowledge that has a lasting impact on health, health care and policy.
  • To build faculty excellence in teaching, scholarship, practice and service.
  • To build staff excellence in administration and delivery of college programs and products.
  • To maintain financial viability while decreasing dependency on state funds.